What Is An IT Support Technician?

An IT support technician is one who works in support of computers. He supports companies that sell computers, software and accessories for them.

It is not easy to find a job for an IT support technician,

because there are many jobs available in the IT industry. But, there are also jobs that are not really in demand, but they can be very lucrative.

There are two kinds of IT support technician jobs available in the market today. The first kind are blue collar jobs. They can work as a help desk operator and perform some of the more basic computer support tasks.

IT support technician is the name given to the person who provides computer support and technical assistance to clients or the organizations that purchase IT equipment from the company. The job of the support technician is to provide technical support for computers and peripherals such as printers, scanners, routers, modems, computer servers, networking equipment, etc.

An IT support technician provides direct technical support to the clients who purchase the products from the company. They are the ones that provide support when the client has problems with the functioning of the computer hardware and peripherals. They usually have special training and certification.

Since the IT technician plays a vital role in making computers work properly, they are required to possess certain skills. They must be proficient in English and must have experience in the field of computers.

An IT support technician must be able to learn new functions of computers

through a formal training program. He should be able to fix or add a new file or create a new folder on a computer. In fact, he must be knowledgeable about every function of a computer.

An IT support technician is required to understand the technical process of computers and hardware. He must be able to troubleshoot computers. This is because he can help fix the problems that computers are experiencing even without realizing it.

Since this is a part of the technical support team, the technician also handles upgrades of hardware. He must be able to handle the clients who want to upgrade their computer systems. He must be knowledgeable about the basic requirements for upgrading computer systems.

An IT support technician is the one who help install software, repair and update hardware, and support the systems and applications of the organization. He is the one who is responsible for the maintenance of the company’s computer systems.

An IT support technician must be very good at following procedures and can perform his duties in a fast and efficient manner. It is very important for him to have excellent customer service skills.

  • To make sure that all clients feel comfortable and at ease when working with him.
  • The IT support technician is the one who has the expertise in computers and peripherals.
  • He is the one who is well trained in the system and hardware and must be good at the installation of software.