Users Left Scrambling Amidst Massive Microsoft Azure Outage

The question is, “What caused the massive Microsoft Office outage?” There were reports in the news that Microsoft was experiencing a major problem with its Office products and services and that the service was being affected by it. However, when the people at Microsoft went to shut down the service they discovered that it had actually started working again. This is all according to the Microsoft technical support department. According to their records there was nothing wrong with the server but the problem happened after the servers were switched to another computer. Click here

When the Microsoft Office went down it was due to an issue that Microsoft was experiencing and they wanted to fix this problem as soon as possible so they shut it down.

Then they realized that it was actually a DNS issue and they could not find any error messages telling them that the system was down. In fact there were no errors in the system.

They did not even see anything wrong on the computer. Therefore, they just shut it down.

After this was done, they checked the internet and found out that the other computer was not using an internet connection and that is why it was able to boot up again after it was shut down.

When the Microsoft Office was down, it was also not because of a hardware problem but because the network was not being properly maintained. As the network was down, they were not able to do maintenance on the networks. For example, when the networking is in good shape the server will not be shut down for maintenance. When the server goes down then it needs to be cleaned out and fixed so that the servers are not going to get into such problems again. Now that Microsoft has learned this lesson, the company is going to work very hard to make sure that their systems do not have problems ever again.